Looking for a biogas cover to storage biogas or carbon dioxide? Membrane Systems Europe (MSE) biogas dome is a storage system to store biogas or carbon dioxide. It can possibly store other gasses as well.

The system consists of three different membranes. The dome has an internal membrane, an external membrane and a bottom membrane. Between the internal membrane and the bottom membrane the gas is stored. Between the internal membrane and the external membrane is the ventilator / air blower that provides the air pressure of the dome.

In order to withstand wind and snow loads, the air pressure needs to make sure that the external membrane holds its shape. Gas can be stored or taken away without changing the shape of the external membrane.

Benefits of Biogas domes.

MSE’s gas storage systems are exclusively manufactured from advanced structural fabrics and designed as membranes to provide both structural (climatic) stability and impermeable gas storage. It consists of almost no metals. Only the anchorage connecting the membranes to a concrete foundation slab is made out of metal.

To measure and control the storage process, the gasholders of the dome are provided with inflation fans and full instrumentation. It can be used for example solid waste processing facilities, sewage water and sludge treatment facilities.

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