Looking for the perfect BBQ apron for behind the barbecue? An apron that protects you against the heat of the flames and fat splashes? An apron that gives you the appearance of a real master of the grill?

An apron from Xapron fits very comfortable around your body and also gives you a cool vintage look. With a variety of different leather types and different colors are aprons from Xapron a perfect gift for the real masters of the grill. A standard cognac colored apron or a rugged black apron? With a wide choice of seven flexible leather types and more than 21 different colors, there must be a BBQ apron that suits your style and look.

The aprons are standard equipped with sturdy adjustable straps, a simple adjustable buckle closure and a handy tea towel loop. You can also customize your apron and add a variety of accessories to the apron. Accessories such as an extra pocket holder where you can store your kitchen gear, spatulas or spices so they are always within reach or you can go for a bottle holder so you have your beer by your side whilst preparing the meat behind the barbecue.

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