As attractive as it might look like putting an air purifier in your home: if you don’t have a lot of square meters available, you’re not so happy with such animals .. Unfortunately, in some parts of the Netherlands, clean air is not an unnecessary luxury. Of course, you can plant a lot of plants in your house, but there are even better solutions. It’s an air purification pot.

Air purification pot
Kickstarter and Indiegogo may have gems of technical products and will dive into them tomorrow. However, there is one thing that requires special attention. It’s an air purification planter. It looks like a normal pot to buy at Intratuin, but secretly it’s not that simple from the inside.
Now you may be wondering: if the plant already has an air purifying effect, why invest in an expensive pot? Today, it’s very fashionable among plant breeders to show that one plant purifies the air, but you’ll probably need dozens of plants to get started. So such an air purification planter is not a bad idea to improve the quality of what you inhale throughout the day.

The pot in question is called Kol and has a smooth and elegant design. Thanks to technology and artificial intelligence, it can not only help clean the air, but also help you take good care of your plants. The pot uses both the filtering capacity of the roots of the plant and its own filter. Together they can kill bacteria, remove harmful particles from the air and hit viruses. The company doesn’t like HEPA filters because they are so contaminated.
Coke spots take 3 hours to clean a 37-square-foot room (99 percent bacteria and 93 percent volatiles). Ideal for condominiums and homes that make heavy use of lounges. The advantage is that you don’t need to replace the filter (the HEPA filter is replaceable), you can store the plants in it, and it’s less disturbing than a large air purifier, so it’s not really needed. .. for now. In a limited space.

Spicy price tag
In addition, the application really gives you advice about your plants, so you don’t have to worry about your plants dying. AI recognizes the environment and tells us when to drink water and more light. You can also ask the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for plant performance. Do this near the plant as it is good for growth.
It costs 240 euros, so you have to be willing to pay for the boat. Fortunately, only one is needed for every 37 square meters. What you really need is patience. Kol will only be released in October 2022.

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